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All Courses use natural learning approaches

All Courses are taught in small groups (3-6 students)

All Courses are live and taught by me.


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Wer ist es? (Beginner)

This Session is for everybody who wants to practice bodyparts, colors, numbers, adjectives and asking/answering simple questions. We will play the game "Who Is It".
- date is not decided yet -

nachrichten (Intermediate/advances)

This Session is dedicated to the News and/or current topics. We will read and talk about authentic German publications. Suggestions from students are apprechiated.
- date is not decided yet -

LIVE courses

Absolute beginner

no dates available right now.
Feel free to check the selfstudy course of this level

beginner Course

June 17th - August 19th 2022
from 15:00 UTC - 17:00 UTC

intermediate beginner 2

no dates available right now.

speaking practice

June 15th - August (Monday) 15th 2022
from 15:00 UTC - 17:00 UTC

Questions and Answers

As I am using TPRS and other ways to make myself comprehensible, I’m trying to stay in your target language (German) for at least 80% of the time.
But of course I will rely on English if you don’t understand something or I need to explain anything in depth.

This is actually a tricky qustion. But the good thing is that TPRS allows me a decent amount of different levels in one course. And even taking one course twice will help you advance, because the stories vary each time and you can never consentrate on everything.

In short:

Absolute Beginner: no knowledge at all

Intermediate Beginner:  you know some words and phrases
Speaking Practice: You can form sentences and communicate but want to increase vocabulary, grammar, confidence etc.

If you are not sure, please join a free Zoom session or contact me, so I can help you decide.

No, I’m NOT preparing you for any level exam or provide a fixed vocabulary list. What you get out of this course is depending on your knowledge and enthusiasm.

If you want to take a German certificate, please contact facilities that offer those tests.

At the moment only the listed Courses are available.

But please make sure to sign up to my Newsletter, so I can contact you when new Zoom sessions or Courses are available.

If you have a group of at least 3 people ready, please contact me and we can talk about setting up an extra course.

Before signing up to either the free or the continuous course you can check my Youtube channel to watch sample lessons.

And before buying a course you always have the opportunity to join a free Zoom Session. This is actually the best way to start, because I can get to know you already and help you join the right Course.

I can see why you would ask for private lessons. But there are a few reasons why I don’t do that.
One reason is that TPRS works better in groups then just 1:1.

And the other one is that I want to help as many people as possible. Therefore I don’t offer private lessons for just one person.

If you send me an email to save your seat (free Sessions) or purchase the Course, I will get in touch with you.

Further information as well as the zoom link will be send to you via email. Normally I do that around 2 days ahead of the meeting.

You will need a good internet connecting as well as the APP Zoom.

In my e-mail I will also send you information on how to set it up.

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