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Learn German naturally with proven methods like TPRS.

Start speaking and get a good feel for the language.

Without annoying grammar and endless vocabulary lists.


Learn in a small Group

A group is great to learn from others and gain from interaction. But our group will also be small enough so everybody can contribute.

learn effectively with repetitions

A slow pace with lots of repetitions makes sure you won't forget the new words you've learned ever again.

Find your own level

As weird as it sounds, TPRS allows you to go slower or faster then the other students.
I'm trying my best to find the perfect role for you and your level in our group.

Stay motivated through a story

If you think about content, you won't lose interest in grammar. You won't even notice that you use it.

GERMAN beginner course

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Course Schedule

Weekly every Friday starting June 17th 2022 from 15:00-17:00 UTC.

Last date is Friday August 19th 2022.


What does UTC mean?

UTC is an universal international time, so noone get’s confused with different timezones, daylight saving etc.

At the moment German time is UTC+2 hours.

Convert into your timezone here:

How the lessons will look like

Who is teaching?

Kathrin Hudelmayer

I'm a German native speaker who studied early childhood education and is currently working on a Masters degree in DaF/DaZ (German as a foreign/second language.)

Education and learning are my passion. Since 2018 I publish a lot of learning materials for children. I then proceeded to give German lessons, one-on-one as well as group settings, different ages and different levels, all online.

That's when I discovered TPRS and comprehensible input and I'm a huge fan of it. I got trained by the TPRS founder Blaine Ray, started to upload videos on YouTube and got so much positive feedback. It feels great to share my mother language with so many people around the world.

And I'm so happy to welcome you in my course!

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Learn German naturally

As my goal is to teach German naturally and mimic a natural language acquisition I use TPRS (teaching proficiency through reading and storytelling) as well as other CI-methods (comprehensible input).

For me not being pressured and feeling safe to make mistakes is part of an effective learning environment. I will encourage you and be a good example in how to use the language. Therefore I will often only talk in German (sometimes maybe a little bit fast, not super clearly or with a slight dialect, but hey that’s the real world), but use pictures and gestures to make myself always understood.

The beautiful thing is, that every student will focus on and learn that part that is most important for him or her at the moment. So even if you are more advanced than other students, you will have something challenging for yourself (for example articles, new grammar pattern etc. that others might still miss).

The same goes with reading and writing. We won’t focus on it, but it will be a regular part of our lessons. So that is also something that advanced or quicker learners can turn to as a next step in their language journey.

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The course is Online

You can join this course from all over the world and I'm trying my best to satisfy most timezones.

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I save you unnecessary doubts, thinking and sleepless nights, because I take the complete risk on me! Return the course if you are not satisfied after the first sessions.

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I will definitly not spam you nor share your information.

Questions and Answers

As I am using TPRS in this course, I’m trying to stay in your target language (German) for about 80% of the time.
But of course I’m starting slowly, use tons of pictures and gestures to make myself understood and can always – if needed – explain in English.

The Course for advanced learners will of course have less English.

You can watch one of my TPRS lessons on YouTube. This course will be methodologically very similar to this lesson.

I want everybody to be happy with the course they bought. And I’m certain that if you read through this page you will be. But if you are still not satisfied after watching the first lessons, you can return the course within 60 days. 


For the Intermediate Beginner Course you should have a very basic vocabulary and have some knowledge about sentence structure. This doesn’t mean you have to be able to form complete sentences or conjugate verbs. Knowing English plus a few german words is enough to follow along.

This is an online course via the video platform Zoom. This platform is free of charge for you. You can check the system requirements of Zoom here.

After you have booked the Course, I will send you an e-mail a few days before the Course actually starts. In this e-mail you will find the link to our class and all info that you need.

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